Monday, January 30, 2023

Round Two: Shrinking

Shrinking: Season 1, Episode 2 “Fortress of Solitude” (B+)

I wasn’t entirely enthralled with this show’s pilot, and I’m pleased to report that the second episode represents a solid improvement. I particularly enjoy the dynamic that exists at the practice that in this installment found Paul and Gaby teaming up against - and trying to help - Jimmy, even if Paul still maintains a certain degree of privacy from both of his colleagues that means they’ve never once been to his house. Now, all of this is considerably more complicated when Alice felt more than comfortable just stopping by his home and noticing a photo of his daughter, prompting questions that Paul shut down right away. I also liked that Gaby went to go confront Liz because she didn’t trust that Jimmy was going to talk to her to declare his status as the mama, which resulted in Liz lashing back out at her for inserting herself into the situation. These people really need to communicate, since two thoughtful meals went to waste or at least weren’t enjoyed by the intended parties because those preparing them weren’t honest about what they wanted. As if this cast wasn’t already great, I’m so happy to see Michael Urie from “Ugly Betty” as Brian, who did an incredible job ensuring that everything went his way and then burst in to Jimmy’s session to yell at him for ghosting him for a year. The explanation for that made a lot of sense, and I too hope that they won’t once again go a year without talking.

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