Sunday, January 15, 2023

Round Two: Will Trent

Will Trent: Season 1, Episode 2 “I'm a Pretty Observant Guy” (B)

I wasn’t sure where this show was going to go and whether Paul and Abigail were going to continue to be regular players, but it feels like that plotline has now been resolved and he’ll be moving on to other cases. I did appreciate the chance to see Paul and Angie interact, and Paul showing up at the end of the episode to give Will a hug while accidentally calling him by the demeaning nickname he had for him was sweet in its own way. I don’t feel like it would have been realistic for Paul and Angie to be there when the police were racing to unlock the trunk, but I suppose dramatic liberties have to be taken to ensure that this is nail-biting television. Will having his difficulty with reading noticed by his imprisoned suspect was reminiscent, to a degree, of the “Dragonchasers” episode of “The Shield” in which Michael Kelly’s suspect analyzes his interrogator Dutch and tears him apart, though the latter scene was far more intense and compelling. Will is a charismatic individual whose quirks ultimately help him, though he’s gone ahead and blown whatever chance he had at a long-lasting relationship with Angie by, well, being himself. Michael and Angie apparently have their own complicated history, but she expressed a clear desire to move on from that when he tried to address it by returning the conversation to the murder weapon she had just found. I’m not sure whether I need to stick with it, but this show could be fun.

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