Tuesday, January 3, 2023

What I’m Watching: The Crown

The Crown: Season 5, Episode 9 “Couple 31” (B+)

I have to imagine that the scenes involving direct conversation between the royal couples are entirely fabricated since none of the parties would want to cooperate with the making of this series, were they even consulted. In other cases, like “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” I’ve found such inventions to be insincere and unconvincing, but there was something that really resonated about the dialogue between Charles and Diana when they were able to just be each other without all the pretense that took up the entirety of their marriage. They started out humorously, with Charles eating stale nuts and not being able to find the kitchen, and when Diana made him an omelet, they were able to relax. But speaking Camilla’s name and Charles being reminded that she said he wasn’t suited to be king turned things sour again. Charles insisting that his parents knew he was in love with someone else and Diana saying Charles was never young, even when he was young were both hurtful in unintended ways. The focus on Camilla in this episode and her meeting with the spin doctor was very interesting, and it’s fair that she would want to be preparing for her own future in which she wasn’t just the other woman. It was also very intriguing to see Major be asked to serve as a mediator between the divorcing parties and have him express some reservations publicly before indicating privately at home that he’s always seen himself as particularly well suited to this role, which he did play quite well.

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