Tuesday, January 24, 2023

What I’m Watching: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 2, Episode 13 “Fundraiser” (B+)

We tend to see a lot of Ava going to war with Janine, which usually ends in somewhat of a draw since Janine ekes out a small victory that makes her feel good while Ava doesn’t actually manage to become a better person. It was fun, therefore, to see Barbara reluctantly accept Ava’s help and then get very angry with her for encouraging the kids to overcharge, resulting in Barbara’s church rival giving her a stern lecture about what she thought of her. To her credit, Ava fought back and expressed how things aren’t easier for everyone and it’s important to get creative. Lines like “Look at me, now I own a school” don’t help her case much, but she still does manage to try every once in a while. Jacob and Mr. Johnson got way too involved with that cat, which predictably ended up going back to its rightful owner, leaving Mr. Johnson quite devastated. I’m impressed with Jacob for actually being what he said was - observant and able to notice social cues - and therefore being the first to pick up on the fact that Gregory likes Janine. He overcompensated in a big way when he suddenly wanted to buy a lot of candy, and I appreciated that Janine didn’t stand for his “warnings” because he wouldn’t be friends with someone like that. Eating ribs on the date may not have been the best choice, but at least she’s forming a connection. Melissa being bad at impressions is not something I would have predicted, and Jacob was the unfortunate one to bring that up to her and lose his prized ddon’t in the process.

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