Wednesday, January 25, 2023

What I’m Watching: Big Sky (Season Finale)

Big Sky: Season 3, Episode 13 “That Old Feeling” (B-)

This show wraps its third season a few episodes shy of its first two seasons’ counts, though I’m honestly not sure how much story there was left and how many more people Buck could have kidnapped. It’s hard to believe that someone who managed to remain undiscovered and uncaught for so many years would just leave his two latest captives in the back of his truck for anyone to find while he wandered around the parking lot, even if he was losing blood for his Paige-inflicted flesh wound. Stealing someone else’s car isn’t terribly effective if the police know who did it and which car he’s now driving, and they brought him in right away to try to use Sunny to their advantage. Beau and Jenny could learn something about the art of negotiation since they instantly gave up their leverage, and then that leverage opted to shoot and kill Buck before he could tell them where Emily and Denise were. Luckily, there was another Barnes family member who was happy to cooperate and had an inkling of just where his father may have put them. So, somehow, everyone gets a happy ending, including Paige, who escaped with no consequences, and Walter, who survived and is now going to have a relationship with the brother he never knew. Donno even made it out alive because apparently it’s nearly impossible to kill someone on this show - except when such a thing is inconvenient - and Tonya managed to get the money. I’m not sure whether a fourth season is in the cards, and while this one was a slight improvement, I don’t think this show really needs to continue, even if I’d probably watch if it did.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: Jensen Ackles as Beau

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