Saturday, January 14, 2023

What I’m Watching: The L Word: Generation Q

The L Word: Generation Q: Season 3, Episode 8 “Quality Family Time” (B+)

Finley was all smiles while she was texting Sophie, and it does seem like they’re back in a pretty good place even if Sophie is very set on just being friends. The visit from Finley’s mom, played by Mary McCormack from “In Plain Sight,” threatened to throw everything into chaos, and Tess dropping the turkey in her lap was a great way to end a generally destructive visit. That’s not good news for Tess, of course, who started drinking again while Shane was out helping Angie steal back her notebook from her professor ex-boyfriend who knew full well who had broken into his car. Hopefully she can return and be there for Tess in the way she needs to be, while all thoughts are sure to be with Carrie, who seems to have pushed herself too hard on the turkey trot while trying to help Misty desperately find a bathroom. Dani and Dre are getting close, and not making it back to her family’s home for Thanksgiving may not have been a terrible thing since it gave them the chance to spend so much time together. There have been many shaky moments in Maribel and Micah’s relationship, and it was nice to see that the latest escapades were relatively light-hearted, with Micah eating too many gummies and Maribel’s grandmother beating up the mashed potatoes to look for the missing ring. They deserve some happiness, and having matched with a donor the same night as they got engaged is something that should hopefully help them coast to the next crisis.

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