Sunday, January 8, 2023

What I’m Watching: Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol: Season 4, Episode 6 “Hope Patrol” (B+)

Well, I’m not sure I could ever have predicted what was going to happen on this show, but I still don’t think I expected this. Rita and Rouge are friends again, and Larry and Mr. 104 are getting along and potentially having romantic tension, but it’s Wally who’s been revealed to be the big bad in the pursuit of Immortus. The scissor henchmen were certainly something, and Derek and Vic were helpful in trying to take them out with their drawing of Mr. Invincible brought to life. I’m glad to see the different partnerships in operation, even if Jane was freaking out about the Underground and her longevity being gone and Cliff was talking to his oven mitt. Rita playing the mop bucket while Rouge posed as the janitor was a fun caper, though going back to your own past is never a productive idea, but at least they’ve buried the hatchet and Rouge was able to butter Rita up by expressing her preference in playing a supporting role to Rita’s leader. Seeing that butt emerge from the freezer at the end of the episode spells likely trouble for the future, though being held at scissor-point in a pocket dimension with Immortus’ rise impending feels like enough of an issue that they’ve have to deal with in the near future, presuming time still matters there. I’m excited and absolutely perplexed about what happens next, as always, and hoping that we don’t have to wait too long for the back half of this season to drop. In the meantime, check out my great interviews with Diane Guerrero and April Bowlby!

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