Sunday, January 22, 2023

What I’m Watching: The L Word: Generation Q

The L Word: Season 3, Episode 9 “Quiet Before the Storm” (B+)

I’m glad to see that Carrie is fine, and I appreciated the fake-out where she was watching “Grey’s Anatomy” rather than suffering through her own cardiac incident. Finley trying to monitor her physical activity and get her to eat healthily was a good distraction, though I appreciated how Misty was also offering up sex as an option, assuring Carrie that she’s excellent at it. It was nice to see Bette and Tina again, especially since I thought they were just going to disappear from the show like Gigi did, which didn’t feel right. Shane recognizing Hendrix and identifying him as Angie’s ex made for the worst possible situation of Tina calling him out from the audience, but somehow, everyone involved with that got a happy ending. Tina casually proposing to Bette as she was already holding out a ring was very sweet, and Angie closing the door once she found out that Hendrix was no longer her teacher also suggests a productive future for that couple. Shane, on the other hand, doesn’t seem willing to keep trying with Tess if she won’t meet her anywhere in the middle, and there really isn’t anywhere else for that relationship to go, which is upsetting and will surely prove complicated considering their joint business ventures. Dre saying I love you to Dani was fast, and hopefully it won’t cause her to have a Shane-like panic reaction. While Sophie was excited to take charge and execute her vision, Alice leaned in way too hard to defending her own questionable behavior, and I love that her search for her cat led her right back to an ex who was just as unhappy to see her: Tasha, played by the terrific Rose Rollins. I hope they won’t just be filling out paperwork together since their bickering is absolutely fantastic.

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