Thursday, January 12, 2023

What I’m Watching: Ghosts

Ghosts: Season 2, Episode 11 “The Perfect Assistant” (B+)

I like that ghost rules aren’t necessarily all-encompassing, and that there’s room for creativity as we meet new dead people. Bjorn having to shout out the window to his father is an entertaining recurring plotline, and now we have Jessica, who died in a car and is therefore bound to it and a few steps away from it forever. I wasn’t sure where I knew Nichole Sakura from, but I now remember her role as Amanda on “Shameless.” I like that Sasappis is very into her and is eager to start up a relationship, and it’s a good thing that she came clean after being caught in a lie about why she had the keys so that Freddie could be rehired. I love that Sam and Jay ordered so many burritos so they could try to get him to come back since he wouldn’t answer their calls, and that they were offloading them onto guests because they had so many extra. He does seem to be making their lives a lot easier, and so we’ll see how that works with the couple able to focus both on the very needy ghosts and also on turning their budding business into something truly sustainable. It was a treat to get to see Pete step in and give advice to Bjorn which directly contradicted what Thor had advocated for his son, and it was especially fun when Thor thought Pete was trying to replace him as his son’s father. But it’s nice that it all worked out and that Bjorn now has a potential romantic interest.

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