Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I’m Watching: Entourage

Entourage: Season 6, Episode 10 “Berried Alive” (B+)

This is one of the strongest and least objectionable episodes of this show this season because it wraps up some ailing arcs and sets others in motion. Vince still has little to nothing to do, but at least he’s hanging out with his buds and doing menial tasks like passing them the phone and offering to sleep with people. Eric finally ditching Ashley after she proves once and for all that’s she’s truly crazy after asking to read all his e-mails has been a long time coming, and spotlighting the terrific Kate Mara (“Jack & Bobby”) is a great idea. Her decree not to get involved with Eric or any of his entourage probably won’t stick, but it’s nice to see him have a female friend who isn’t out to sleep with him, and who isn’t Sloane. Drama’s arc is probably best – after being dragged in the mud for most of the season by a producer who hates his guts, he finally takes charge of his acting career and tries to get cast on the new “Melrose Place.” I hope William Fichtner has a bigger role, but just seeing him for a moment was promising. Lloyd’s departure from Ari’s agency hasn’t been derailed quite yet, and this episode is perfect in terms of how it depicts the rivalry between Lloyd and Ari. The perpetually annoyed Ari seems angrier than ever, and watching how Lloyd handles it is extremely entertaining. The conversation between Drama and Ari where the uber-agent admits that he won’t have time for Drama and that he should go to Lloyd was a particularly great moment. The end reveal that Jamie-Lynn is probably going to New Zealand marks the presumable necessary end for Turtle’s relationship arc, and I think it’s one that’s gone well but really got enhanced in this episode as she started showing some pretty intense signs of jealousy. All of the guys and Bridget’s friends sitting around the table talking about their sex lives was a great capper for this episode, and a throwback to what this show used to be about when it was so good – four guys just hanging out with their friends.

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