Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I’m Watching: Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13: Season 1, Episode 11 “Nevermore” (B-)

One of the main reasons I was sticking around with this show was for the “Battlestar Galactica” guest stars. After learning that Michael Hogan would be playing Myka’s father, I was incredibly excited, and having him finally appear wasn’t a letdown. Sure, he didn’t have a great part, but it was a fine performance and I’d argue he was just as good as he was on BSG. The role certainly doesn’t require as much angry screaming, but his shrill howl was pretty haunting. Edgar Allan Poe is a fun subject for the series to highlight, but like many of the show’s previous threads, it’s not done tremendously effectively. The power of the pen is cool, though the high school loser’s scribblings of “wall” and “fire” seem a bit silly, while the “mine,” clearly supposed to be creepy, was a bit much in itself. The emergency calling in of Claudia seemed rather extraneous, though I suppose she is part of the team and therefore should be included in all neutralizing of artifacts. The fact that Myka’s father’s own passionate writing was able to help him overcome the spell of the artifact is a neat concept. The ending is what really got me interested – while the general presence of MacPherson does feel pretty sudden and slightly less than germane to the main plotline, his determination to take out his revenge on Artie on the agents makes things interesting, and the frightening realization by Myka that he had her parents was effectively startling. Next week’s season finale is appropriately titled “MacPherson,” and I think it should provide a nice inside look into this new character addition.

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