Friday, September 11, 2009

Emmy Winner Predictions: Best Directing in a Drama Series

Nominees are pictured and listed in alphabetical order.

Battlestar Galactica, “Daybreak, Part 2” (Micheal Rymer)
Boston Legal, “Made in China/Last Call” (Bill D’Elia)
Damages, “Trust Me” (Todd A. Kessler)
ER, “And in the End” (Rod Holcomb)
Mad Men, “The Jet Set” (Phil Abraham)

This year’s list includes three series finales, one season finale, and one episode of Emmy voters’ current favorite drama series. I can’t imagine the ludicrous Boston Legal closer winning over enough voters, and I also don’t think that ER can muster up enough support for a win after all its time away from the Emmys (its only win was 14 years ago for a season one episode) – I think its sendoff nomination this year is its win. It would be truly fantastic if Battlestar Galactica could walk away with some sort of consolation prize for its lack of nominations elsewhere, but I don’t think a sci-fi series can make history and win this award. It’s down then to the two popular new shows from last year, and Mad Men trounces Damages in every possible way. “Damages" may have star power, but I think that the only episode of “Mad Men” nominated here is the clear frontrunner.

Who should win: “The Jet Set”
Who will win: “The Jet Set”

Next up: Best Writing in a Drama Series

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