Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I’m Watching: Psych

Psych: Season 4, Episode 6 “Bollywood Homicide” (B+)

Shawn’s entertaining enough when he’s trying to impress his co-workers and the audience, but when his girlfriend’s around, it’s understandable that he’d want to amp it up a bit. Seeing Rachael Leigh Cook again is good, even if she’s around mostly just to respond amicably to Shawn’s preposterous statements. Lassiter completely ignoring her was a bit of a letdown, though his attempts to gloat and embarrass Shawn as much as possible with her watching were amusing. Sendhil Ramamurthy’s really a much better actor without his accent on “Heroes,” and his curse plotline fortunately doesn’t fall under the category of rather unfortunate supernatural episodes the show often produces. The most impressive part of the episode is the show’s undying commitment to immersing itself in its storylines by modifying the credits appropriately with Bollywood music and writing. I loved how Shawn didn’t introduce Gus by another name as he usually does but Raj still got his name wrong and mistakenly called him Greg. I liked the resolution of this episode, which revealed the culprit to be not the mother, as expected, but the brother’s fiancée. Juliet going undercover is always terrific, and putting her front-and-center in an episode also featuring Abigail is great. Her awkward ramblings about liking her kindergarten teacher were funny, but the best part is Shawn’s slip at the end of the episode. Abigail’s clearly clueless about Shawn’s sexual tension with Juliet, and I’m really curious to see where all that goes next. Shawn and Juliet have to end up together eventually, right?

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