Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I’m Watching: Weeds (Season Finale)

Weeds: Season 5, Episode 13 “All About My Mom” (B)

This season has really gone off the deep end, which is really saying something considering how over-the-top and fairly preposterous this show has always been. Looked at in terms of development from this time last year, not much has actually changed. Nancy found a way of protecting herself from the wrath of Esteban by giving birth to his child and successfully winning and holding onto his heart, but now she has a new villain who’s out to get her. The major difference in the end of this season as compared to previous “Weeds” finales is that it ends very much in the middle of the action with the demise (presumably) of a rather minor character rather than a monumental series-changing event, such as the revelation that Peter was a DEA agent, that Peter was dead, that Agrestic burnt down, and that Nancy was pregnant with Esteban’s child. Now, Pilar has revealed herself to be a far more dangerous foe than Nancy ever imagined, and Shane’s gone and hit her in the head with a croquet mallet. Now, Nancy has to figure out a way to cover up her mess – can’t the woman ever be happy? The beginning of last season was all about adjusting to a new life, and that was a bit more peaceful. Nancy has managed to get herself into deep trouble once again, and it should be more than a bit of a hassle to get herself out of it. Celia’s taken over the less problem-laden job of dealing pot with a (not so) supportive crew behind her, so the show seems even more circular, if only in the way that an incredibly successful storyline in the first season has been toned down in its effectiveness and toned way up in its silliness. The show used to be daringly impressive for its originality and taking a fresh approach to a subject usually shown in only an extremely dramatic way or an exceptionally stupid way. Time will tell whether this new, slightly modified concept will work as well as its predecessor. Regarding the finale, it fits with a season that was never really sure where it was going but managed to still be entertaining. The show has been better in previous years, especially its first, and it’s hard to say if it will ever return to its former excellent quality.

Season grade: B-/B
Season MVP: Mary-Louise Parker


Fabio Nascimento said...

I don't think it will ever return to its former quality, but I still find the show very solid. This finale for instance was a very good one, I liked that they tried not to do such a big event out of it and the cliffhanger works well by himself.
Parker was great throught all season, but it's difficult to imagine her winning an Emmy with Weeds getting darker and more unpredictable year after year, but who knows...

Movies with Abe said...

I think this year will be her best shot. If she was going to win, it probably would have been for the first season, when, of course, she got snubbed.