Saturday, February 13, 2016

Take Three: Billions

Billions: Season 1, Episode 3 “YumTime” (B+)

As Axe moved in on and completely eviscerated another company, it’s becoming clear that his actions are not entirely motivated by revenge but also designed to have a very specific impact. He was disappointed in the taste of the sweet that reminded him of the value of hard work from his childhood, and then he found out that the formula had been changed to cut costs, so he forced his way in and made sure that the formula was changed back and the costs could be cut elsewhere. In doing that, he not only removed the CEO but also an uncooperative board member who just happens to be the mistress of Chuck’s father, an additional bit of spite that will leave a sting. It’s extremely complicated since Wendy works for him, and she’s also crossing lines of her own, interfering in the therapy of one employee because she knows that Wags is going to make her life miserable, and then going the extra step to put money with her as she moves to a new company. Lara is not above getting her way forcefully either, as was made painfully clear by the ease with which she ruined the life of a potential threat, and then got her to offer to sign a nondisclosure agreement that she just happened to have lying around. Chuck got to have his own power trip walking his dog when he made his careless neighbor pick up his dog’s poop with his hands, and he needs that kind of distraction since his new hapless colleague is ready to ruin the chances of what will surely prove to be a difficult takedown of Axe. Even being dominated by Wendy isn’t helping him to focus, and I’m sure things are only going to intensity as the case moves forward.

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