Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 5, Episode 4 “No Girl” (B-)

This episode was actually pretty entertaining, though it was pretty stupid too. Jess’ absence is definitely going to have an impact on this show, and we’re seeing it right away as her not being there means disastrous things for anyone who needs female advice and also that her room is available for what quickly became a full-on bed and breakfast being run by the most hapless host of all, one Nick Miller. It was fun to watch Schmidt scramble to adhere to every little thing that was asked of him, including being given a heap of underwear to wash. Nick didn’t have an easy time communicating with one guest in particular, and then their relationship got sexual, and asking for her money made him seem like a prostitute, a predictably ridiculous mess that only Nick could wander his way into. Fred Armisen’s guest was particularly peculiar, and seeing him dressed up in Jess’ clothing was certainly strange, though it’s nothing new for the “Portlandia” star. Not having Jess around means that we’re seeing a whole lot more of Cece, and her engagement to Schmidt didn’t play too much of a part in this episode. She did, however, have the fantastic opportunity to give terrible advice to Winston that led to his breakup, but she also scored in a major way by helping him to get exactly the revenge he needed to move on from that toxic relationship. For the man who likes to prank either way too big or way too small, popping out after his ex-girlfriend was told that he was dead was just right.

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