Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 2, Episode 11 “The Reverse-Flash Returns” (B+)

I’ll admit that I’m not sure that this show’s concept of time travel makes all that much sense, but the characters speak with such scientific authority that I’m inclined to value it so much more than on “Heroes Reborn,” which completely butchered any logical interpretation of the science fiction idea. I don’t quite understand how Thawne disappeared immediately when Eddie killed himself in the present moment yet continued to exist in his own past enough to show up in Barry’s future. One explanation is that the timeline continues to exist based on what Barry and others have experienced, but it still doesn’t quite track. I’m willing to forgive it because I’m all for predestination and playing into creating the future, as done here when Wells spelled out the fact that this was the moment when he learned everything that he needed to know about the Flash to come back in time and create the past as Barry and everyone knew it. It was also cool to see Wells interacting with him, and I think that their brief interaction was very likely the basis for how Thawne when he took over his life. Cisco harnessing his powers with Wells’ help was cool, and I’m eager to see where that leads. There’s so much going on with the vast array of characters we have, and I like that Jay is still thinking about getting his speed back with Caitlin’s help. Wally and Iris bonding as their mother is on her deathbed should help to get them closer, and I’m excited to see what that relationship and Wally’s newfound dynamic with his father will look like. Patty figured out pretty easily that Barry was the Flash, and calling him with a fake emergency to say goodbye was a great way to part, and it leaves the door open for some future interaction that I so hope will happen, though we know that Barry is destined to end up with Iris.

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