Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 4 “White Knights” (B+)

It turns out that it's worth spending plenty of time in the recent past with this group since they're more than capable of getting themselves into trouble and developing into a true team along the way. The most interesting pairing is that of Sara and Kendra, who both have some serious rage issues that result in dead people and who can really help each other become more balanced people. The dynamic between Ray and Snart is fun too, though Ray's do-gooder nature paled in comparison to Snart's criminal instinct, resulting in both Ray and Professor Stein getting captured by the Russians. Mick and Rip are also becoming good pals, which was helpful since Martin Donovan's supposed ally Zaman Druce, who we'll probably see again, tried to kill him instead of following through on the pardon he had offered. That's one recurring thread that is powering this show forward - the Time Masters who are not happy at all with all the damage that Rip has caused by stealing the ship and traipsing through time with a handful of heroes and villains from the twenty-first century. We didn't even see Vandal Savage in this hour, but we got all the villainry needed from Valentina, who seemed to be as wowed by Snart's flirting as she did by Ray's failure at the same, and then turned into a mega bad-guy when she used Snart as a hostage when Ray tried to save her life. I like the gadgets this show employs like the edible auto-translator, and that Professor Stein was excited by the kind of mission for which he was uniquely most qualified.

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