Monday, February 22, 2016

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 11 “Chapter Thirty-Three” (B+)

This was quite a romantically progressive hour, moving ahead three of the major romances currently on this show, only one of which has really persisted throughout the history of the series. That one was actually the saddest, since I don’t think anyone was ever rooting against Rogelio and Xiomara. Things did not look good throughout this episode when Jane found the ring his mother had given to him and Rogelio told her it was a gift for Jane and not for Xiomara, but that was explained away by Rogelio wanting to get his own stone, which Mateo accidentally ate because Rogelio held it too close to him. Xiomara got over Rogelio acting selfishly about the party right away, but she can’t shake the feeling that, to prevent incidents like her spitting in Jane’s hair while brushing her teeth, she needs to focus on herself and doesn’t want to have any more kids, which was a heartbreaking blow to Rogelio. Jane’s love life was dominated by more sex dreams about Professor Chavez, her accidental insertion of his name into her reading, and the incomparably awkward moment in which she kissed his sweater. As expected, once she told him she needed a new advisor, he was more than happy to ask her out, which is great. I for one am happy to see Petra being redefined and Rafael putting the moves on her, since I was always on #teamrafael but now it appears that Jane genuinely isn’t interested so he deserves to be happy with someone else for the time being. Susanna seemed genuinely hurt that Luisa was still in love with Rose, a character with an unexpected connection to Mutter who now appears to be back with the same face but a new haircut.

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