Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 5, Episode 5 “Bob and Carol and Nick and Schmidt” (B-)

Without Jess, this show feels a bit scattered, forcing its other characters to stick to each other to ensure that they’re able to have credible plotlines while she’s on jury duty. Nick and Schmidt do a lot together, but in this case Schmidt was practically glued to him as he tried to ensure that his best friend didn’t first make the mistake of giving his grubby family members money and then that he didn’t give them his sperm to make a baby. Nick’s cousins were drowning in their Boston accents, a fact horribly highlighted by Schmidt’s awkward attempt to mimic their way of speaking, and there wasn’t much to like about them. For me, the only really worthwhile part of that plotline was that Schmidt revealed that he had a plan for Nick’s life and where he was headed, which included being frozen during the 2050s so that he wouldn’t have to experience that decade. Winston stepping up to help Cece with her wedding dress shopping was a sincere and sweet gesture, but the excess amount of champagne he brought to the fitting was a very poor idea. It’s no surprise that you can’t return a wedding dress, but it’s much more appalling to think that something with flashing lights would ever make it to the racks of a fancy establishment with a six-month waiting list that would have pushed the wedding to August. Even the stand-in for Jess who was hitting behind posters in her hotel room knew that it was really bad news.

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