Thursday, February 25, 2016

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Good Life” (B+)

What’s most interesting about these two powerful men is how loyal they are to their wives. On the “previously on” segment, I noticed the hint of Axe’s affair, but it turns out that the holdover wasn’t the sexy singer but the idea of projecting “Citizen Kane” and watching it the way it should be watched. Axe did offend his wife when he suggested sailing away without her, but that’s more about him being spontaneous and crazy with his decisions than anything else (more on that later). Chuck, on the other hand, called his wife when he found himself outside a sex club and then kept the romance going inside the club on the phone as she enjoyed the experience just as much as he did. He’s also in a very tough bind (some pun intended) with a forthcoming article painting his lack of action on Axe as a conflict of interest, something that he was not at all happy to hear Brian suggest. I like that we’re getting to see a bit of the intersecting personal lives of Brian, Kate, and Terri when they’re out on the road. Ending the episode with the dramatic arrest of one of Axe’s top guys was just the takedown that Chuck was hoping for after it was revealed that, unsurprisingly, Axe was just playing everyone and getting ready to make a whole lot more money by pretending that he was getting out when he was really doing anything but. Now that Chuck has made the first official move, things are going to intensify very quickly.

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