Monday, February 1, 2016

What I’m Watching: The X-Files

The X-Files: Season 10, Episode 2 “Founder’s Mutation” (C+)

Part of me feels like every episode of this reboot really needs to count, but I also realize that if this show does well, which it has thus far, it’s all but guaranteed that FOX, which has just recommissioned both “24” and “Prison Break,” will bring it back for more episodes. It’s hard to believe that a show can air for nine years, go off the air for thirteen and a half years, and then just start up again like nothing happened. This episode was very much a freak-of-the-week installment, though the plot was a bit grander than that in terms of the genetic study it featured. I’m always much more for aliens and strange powers, and this was a bit too relational and based on these people who might somehow be possessed and connected. I guess I’m longing for the days when someone drowned in the backseat of a car because she was able to swallow the water that should have killed someone else, or for the cerulean blue that helped the pusher escape from prison. We got a glimpse of the Cigarette-Smoking Man at the end of the previous episode, and now we don’t get to see him at all. Instead, there’s a bit of Skinner, who honestly is not a terribly interesting or exciting character except when he’s really given something to do. I have higher hopes for the remaining four installments, which I’d like to see get back to what was really best about this show and what I’d like to think inspired FOX to revive it.

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