Thursday, February 25, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 6, Episode 6 “NSFW” (B+)

Things are progressing forward on a number of romantic fronts, and while some are positive developments, others are extremely devastating and negative. Fiona trying to get back the house was the most depressing, since the incredible number of violations presented such an easy and unexpected way to get her house back. Gus stood her up more than a few times, and then his language and pouring coffee all over the documents was even more hurtful. Carl stepping up to help relieve Fiona’s burden was a sobering and mature move, and it seems that he’s been scared straight by the quick return to brutal violence by Nick when he found the person who stole his bike. Lip did pretty well in front of the disciplinary board but all hope of a continued relationship of any kind with Helene is definitely lost. Even Amanda didn’t win from that situation, as she has to leave school because of hateful comments and death threats. Debs’ romance is taking a different turn than expected, and the father-daughter relationship between her and Frank is turning even more objectionable as time goes on. I didn’t recognize Sherilyn Fenn on “Twin Peaks” fame as Chucky’s grandmother, a character who is sure to rile things up in a destructive way. Watching Ian try to date is cute, and it’s a good thing he found a nice guy who’s willing to give him a chance even though he is terrible at opening up and trying to let someone get to know him a bit.

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