Friday, February 12, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 7, Episode 13 “Judged” (B)

There had to be a point at which Alicia’s new firm really got itself into trouble, and a handful of outstanding bills are now the least of her problems. Judge Schachowsky is an unapologetically corrupt and despicable man, and he’s due to be taken down. That’s what makes it all the more agonizing to see countless evidence thrown out by another judge who, to his credit, seems to be acting relatively impartially. That he needed to provide consent to be recorded by an employee in his own courtroom is unfortunate, and Alicia getting countersued for misrepresentation is a truly bad turn. Cary has made countless offers for her and Lucca to come back to whatever used to be Lockhart Gardner, and something tells me that may be in the cards since there is nowhere else to turn at this point. Lucca has definitely become the new Kalinda, a less mysterious but equally competent and capable ally for Alicia who has no trouble calling her out if she’s acting unhinged or out of line. They’re much closer now that Alicia has let everything out and opened up completely to her new confidante. Contrasting Alicia’s attempted lawsuit with Diane ending up in mediation with a familiar peacemaking face in a case of campus freedoms made for an interesting comparison, and a rather effective one as Diane defended the rights of someone to have an unpopular opinion and remain unregulated since the powers of the campus professionals had only previously been selectively enforced anyway.

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