Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Take Three: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 3 “Blood Ties” (B+)

This show spent some more time in 1975 in this hour, but it seems like that’s the last of it for now as the 1980s are up next. After Professor Stein met young Marty last week, this time it was Leonard Snart who got to see his younger self as he tried to change his timeline and ensure that his father didn’t go to prison for stealing a diamond by delivering it right to him. I’m not sure what happens if the timeline does change other than a wedding ring disappearing, but it seems like most things are set in stone, and others, like Savage knowing the name of Rip’s wife and son, may have already been destined to happen. It makes sense that Rip would have gone back to the beginning to try to kill Savage before he became immortal, and that it would be impossible for him to try again since he might disrupt the timeline by being there twice. The fact that Carter’s blood could give Savage’s minions added life is worrisome, and it’s a good thing that they got his body back. Rip and Sara made a great team, though it would behoove them to have more allies by their side in future encounters. Professor Stein and Ray arguing about the teacher not remembering the student was entertaining, and ultimately they managed to pull off a very daring rescue attempt that resulted in Kendra being well on her way to getting strong enough to take down Savage once and for all.

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