Monday, February 15, 2016

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 10 “Chapter Thirty-Two” (B+)

Leave it to this show to end on a cliffhanger like the one we got last week with Mutter being revealed as Rafael’s mother and then injecting him and then barely address it this week. That’s because everyone is dealing with something else, and it’s hard to stay focused on just one threat when there’s so much going on. It’s interesting to watch Rafael and Petra reconnect, as he slowly realizes why she’s acting the way she is about her nurses. It’s pretty convenient timing for Rafael to learn that Jane is just starting to date, even if it’s not going nearly as well as he’s been made to think. Kissing the computer guy at the skate park didn’t feel like Jane at all, and casually mentioning his girlfriend was the perfect way to ruin it. Realizing that her professor is the right fit was a long time coming, though I feel like that will eventually fizzle if it ever gets off the ground. It’s nice to see Xiomara have a win with Rafael’s mother as his decision to hire her as his manager quickly imploded. This show has a bit more blood than usual as Michael came to the very delayed realization that Nadine very cleverly and subtly hit him with a beer bottle to put the drive that he thought she gave to Rose inside his leg. Now we’re getting somewhere, and I suspect that the next run-in with both Mutter and Rose won’t be too far off.

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