Saturday, July 21, 2018

Pilot Review: The Outpost

The Outpost (CW)
Premiered July 10 at 9pm

This may be the worst show I’ve ever seen. I’m not even sure that’s hyperbole – there is literally nothing good about it, and everything contained within the forty or so minutes of this pilot feels trite, forced, and impossible to take seriously. I really wasn’t sure when I first started watching if this was meant to be a parody like “Galavant” or if it was actually meant to be digested literally, which just can’t be done. Starting in media res without any real explanation with its lead character planning to leave for somewhere far away in search of answers was the least of its problems. Immediately after saying that she was escaping into the woods because her pursuers would never follow her because of the presence of some uncreatively-named species, she seemed shocked to find that same species right in front of her! The worst part (well, maybe not) about this show is that its antics aren’t even the least bit interesting. When something is so terrible that it’s entertaining, it can be worthwhile in a way, but there isn’t any redeeming factor here. The CW has done very well lately with some of its superhero shows and other endeavors, but this summer series is a far cry from those. It’s a competition between poor special effects, abysmal acting, and some of the worst writing I’ve experienced in a while to win the trophy of what makes this show so uniquely awful. I don’t even know what else to say.

How will it work as a series? Well, she found the big bad guy who didn’t even recognize her, and then stabbed him before he pulled out his sword and stabbed her. Yet she still managed to survive, the reasons for which I don’t have any interest in finding out. Could setting this show in one place going forward be helpful? Potentially. Will it make this show bearable? Absolutely not.
How long will it last? My review may rightfully seem harsh, but I can’t find anything all that much more positive out there. CW shows rarely register in the ratings, and premiering this one in the summer didn’t help. I can’t imagine that this show is going to live long, though maybe those seeking a poor, poor rip-off of “Game of Thrones” will help it stay on the air for a little bit.

Pilot grade: F-

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