Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What I’m Watching: Trial and Error (Season Premiere)

Trial and Error: Season 2, Episode 1 “The Suitcase” (B)

I was so excited to learn that this show was coming back because it’s been well over a year since season one ended. John Lithgow really was a tremendous part of this show’s tone and energy, and I suppose that if there was anyone with as much flair and character as him, it would be Kristin Chenoweth. Casting her as the first lady of East Peck who was caught by police with her husband’s body in the trunk is unquestionably entertaining, and she made quite the impression in this opening installment. She’s inappropriate with Josh in a whole different way, not at all aware of boundaries and unwilling to accept rules like the pool being a crime scene. I’m not so into the judge speaking in a way that Josh can’t even understand, and I did feel like there were a few elements of this episode that felt more exaggerated than they were in season one, which is saying something. I loved all of Anne’s antics and conditions, but her jumping high when she gets startled thing isn’t nearly as great. Dwayne shooting himself in the foot also felt a bit literal. The law about women having to drive with a crossing guard waving red flags in front of them is also patently absurd in a way that I guess this show has made its signature element. No matter what, I’m happy that we get another round of time in this crazy town with another case that seems like surefire, undeniable guilt yet somehow will turn out not to be.

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