Thursday, July 12, 2018

Emmy Nominees: Best Directing for a Drama Series

My predictions: 4/7

The nominees: Paterfamilias (The Crown), Beyond the Wall (Game of Thrones), The Dragon and the Wolf (Game of Thrones), After (The Handmaid’s Tale), The Toll (Ozark), Tonight We Improvise (Ozark), Chapter Nine: The Gate (Stranger Things)

I did okay here, netting four of the nominations for the three most popular returning shows. I thought that “Westworld” would end up here again, but instead we got Stranger Things, which lowered its nominations count but still showed up where it counted. Ozark made a strong showing, with a nomination for the pilot and another episode I have yet to watch. I wish “Counterpart” had shown up here, and I’m a bit surprised that “Mindhunter” didn’t, even though it wasn’t in my predictions.

Who should win? I have to watch the episode of “Ozark,” but otherwise I’m fine with either of the “Game of Thrones” hours or “The Handmaid’s Tale.”
Who will win? I think this goes to Game of Thrones for “Beyond the Wall.”

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