Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Emmy Predictions: Best Writing for a Drama Series

The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations will be announced on Thursday, July 12th. As always, chime in below in the comments with any thoughts of your own.

Last year’s nominees: The Soviet Division (The Americans), Chicanery (Better Call Saul), Assassins (The Crown), Offred (The Handmaid’s Tale), Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers (Stranger Things), The Bicameral Mind (Westworld)

The top contenders:
Start (The Americans)
Pilot (The Chi)
The Crossing (Counterpart)
Mystery Man (The Crown)
Pilot (The Deuce)
The Dragon and the Wolf (Game of Thrones)
June (The Handmaid’s Tale)
Nice Face (Killing Eve)
Episode 10 (Mindhunter)
The Toll (Ozark)
Pilot (Snowfall)
Chapter Nine: The Gate (Stranger Things)
The Car (This Is Us)
Super Bowl Sunday (This Is Us)
The Riddle of the Sphinx (Westworld)
The Passenger (Westworld)

Much less so than in the directing category, this race only really has too many submissions (five) from Westworld, which might end up without a nomination here as a result. Count on the series finale of The Americans and the only submissions from The Crown, Game of Thrones, and The Handmaid’s Tale to fill up most of this category. Whether Stranger Things shows up again is a question mark, and there are also a bunch of new shows that could show up, with Counterpart and Killing Eve seeming like the likeliest in my mind, though Ozark and Mindhunter had all the early buzz.

The predicted nominees: Start (The Americans), Mystery Man (The Crown), The Dragon and the Wolf (Game of Thrones), June (The Handmaid’s Tale), Chapter Nine: The Gate (Stranger Things), The Passnger (Westworld)

The predicted winner: Maybe The Americans finally takes it.

Next up: Best Directing for a Comedy Series

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