Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What I’m Watching: Trial and Error

Trial and Error: Season 2, Episode 2 “The Timeline” (B)

I want to love and enjoy this show as much as I did in season one, and then I remember that it actually took me some time to get into it, since it can be pretty absurd on a regular basis. Things like Anne throwing a suitcase with Dwayne in it down a hill aren’t quite as funny as they should be, and I think most of it rests on how Lavinia holds up as the principal subject on trial in this season. Josh was getting way too cocky with his celebration of how the case was going, and Lavinia still doesn’t seem to understand, or care, how the criminal justice system is supposed to work, declaring “all rise” and “be seated” when she walked into the courtroom, even getting the judge to comply with her instructions. Carol Anne succeeded marvelously in getting every single one of the prospective jurors dismissed, as if Lavinia taking a photo of herself lying across them saying “innocent” wasn’t damning enough, making the case for a bench trial which will still prove difficult for her to win given the judge’s admiration for the woman on trial. The introduction of podcaster Nina Rudolph means a new face in the office and a new love interest for Josh, though Carol Anne video-calling him with her shirt off made a pretty lasting impression at the start of what could have been a relationship. I’m eager to see what her contributions will be to the overall dynamic on the show and to see what comes next in this wacky trial.

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