Friday, July 20, 2018

What I’m Watching: Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, and I: Season 1, Episode 8 “Home Alone” (B)

I thought for a minute that this episode wasn’t even going to address the major bombshell of Justin having a crush on Nori, but it took just a few minutes to get to it and we were even treated to spending time with Justin in all three time periods. Casting Ryan Hansen of “Party Down” fame as the mid-life Justin was perfect, and the way in which his political aspirations were introduced following his personal payment to Alex for a job that wasn’t authorized by his company was cool. In the future, obviously Alex was the one having much more of a hard time getting used to letting his house go, and only when the two brothers saw two little boys around the same age as they were when they first lived together did he realize that it was the right time to move on and let the next generation enjoy the place that meant so much to him. The stubborn attitudes he expresses when he gets older aren’t all that dissimilar from Ron’s own tendencies, with his own radar-gun police force and the inspiration above all of Sully the hero pilot. In his childhood time, Alex’s latest invention to protect them from the scary pizza delivery guy who knew they were home alone predictably didn’t work, but it did help him come to terms with his brother’s feelings for the girl of his dreams and ensure that their relationship would continue to be functional and friendly even if they have a few hurdles to get over.

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