Saturday, July 21, 2018

What I’m Watching: Humans

Humans: Season 3, Episode 6 (B+)

It did seem for a minute like that was going to be it, with the entire Hawkins family in life-threatening danger and all of the major Synths we know about to be dead, either at their own hands or killed by those who hate Synths. Ultimately, Agnes was the only casualty of the hour, but things got very, very bad, and some important alliances that previously existed have now been torn down completely. Laura noticing that Stanley managed to get angry demonstrated that he is a conscious Synth who was playing the part of the servile orange-eyes and following orders in the process which he chose to ignore once Laura and Mia appealed to what might well be described as his humanity. Anatole undid all of that by forcing Laura to make a binary choice, one which realigned Stanley back to his original position and, saddest of all, swayed Sam since Laura was ready to let him die. Mia being arrested is the least worrisome development, but it’s also not good since there’s not going to be much hope for her defense, especially with Max losing his resolve and possibly his life. Niska got tricked in her search for the Synth who sleeps but may now be closer than ever to finding him, though it remains unclear what he’ll be able to do to help. Mattie’s pregnancy was revealed at the start of the episode but seemed almost irrelevant compared to everything else going on by its end, and perhaps whatever Leo discovers in his diary can help them to do something to rewrite the code and help repair this fractured world in some small way.

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