Thursday, July 19, 2018

What I’m Watching: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season 4, Episode 5 “Kimmy and the Beest!” (B)

This half-hour wasn’t quite as good as the last one, but it did still contain its share of (mostly) controlled ridiculousness. The idea that Titus was a jock in high school who never did any of the things that we now see him do on a regular basis, like act and sing, has been absurd all along, yet we know all he really wants is the spotlight and therefore he was more than ready to do the exact same thing and suppress the hopes and dreams of rising star Hudson. I'm not surprised that this is Tituss Burgess’ Emmy submission since it does give him a pretty superb showcase, though new viewers to the show might find his performance hard to relate to given that it’s a deep dive into his highly contradictory background. It’s funny seeing Bobby Moynihan as man’s man Fran Dodd now that his cancelled show, “Me, Myself, and I,” is dropping its remaining episodes since it’s a completely different role. I like that Kimmy easily beat him in an arm-wrestling competition and got so angry at every single thing that he said which made absolutely no sense. It’s funny that Jacqueline and Lillian both use Kimmy’s office as if they work there when they really don’t, and they managed to pull off a great feat when they didn’t blink in front of the parents and instead got an entirely different audience to attend the (pubic) school play at an incredible premium, with the trauma they inflicted on the kids an added bonus to their victory.

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