Sunday, October 13, 2019

Round Two: Almost Family

Almost Family: Season 1, Episode 2 “Related AF” (C)

Episode two of this show felt a lot like the first one, entertaining to a degree but really not very good. I haven’t ever seen this story play out yet all of it seems hopelessly predictable. It’s also hard to take seriously, namely because of how overt much of the developments are. I’m speaking mostly about Edie, who is clearly being selected to take Amanda out because everyone at the firm knows that she’s a lesbian. Their relationship is intensifying in a way that’s meant to be extremely scandalous, but all it’s doing is showing how careless the two lawyers are being, with Tim very suspicious already and Julia actually spotting them making out after she already walked in on Tim and Edie having sex earlier in the hour. Leon is also quite manipulative, getting Roxy to like him while plotting with Isaac to put him in charge rather than the daughter he actually raised, who somehow gets to be in charge even after his incapacitation for wrongdoing, which I’d think would make some of the clauses up for debate. Roxy’s ankle bracelet hack was particularly poor and definitely didn’t work, yet somehow all four of them made it back to the apartment before the parole officers and Edie used the situation to get the bracelet removed altogether. I really don’t think there’s much potential for this show going forward, but, especially since it’s a show that my wife Arielle seems to like and enjoys watching together, I’m willing to give it one more shot and see if week three shows any signs of improvement.

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