Thursday, October 10, 2019

What I’m Watching: Supergirl (Season Premiere)

Supergirl: Season 5, Episode 1 “Event Horizon” (B+)

After a long season of building up Lex Luthor and Agent Liberty as the big villains, this season is all about rebooting and presenting many new hurdles for Supergirl and her increasingly impressive team of superpowered friends. The most important development is Lena’s turn to the dark side, so intent on getting revenge on Kara for not sharing her deepest secret with her and even more focused on that aim after Kara came clean with her right before the big speech she gave introducing her for the prize. Selling the company to Andrea changes things in a big way, and trying to monetize their journalism is the least of her sins since she forcefully rewrote everyone’s contacts to force them to stay. It’s the definition of a hostile takeover, one that’s going to reverberate as Kara trying to continue to fight the good journalistic fight and James pursues a new career, perhaps as Guardian full-time? Kelly is in a complicated position, working for Andrea and getting very close to Alex. Hank’s brother showing up isn’t good news for anyone, though at least he’s not in the form of a creepy young girl with the power to animate dinosaurs anymore. I’m enjoying the romance between Brainy and Nia and seeing how she realizes what she needs to coach him on while he makes a considerable effort to show just how sorry he is for the way that he treated her when he got reset. I’m back on board for this season, hopeful that these many different plotlines will prove engrossing and satisfying.

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