Saturday, October 26, 2019

What I’m Watching: Undone

Undone: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Wedding” (B+)

Naturally, Alma would choose the day of her sister’s wedding to investigate a lead that wasn’t going to pan out and which took her into a suspicious person of interest’s hotel room, making her late for the photo session. Showing up after everyone was looking for her and spilling the beans – loudly – about how Becca slept with the bartender was a truly regrettable moment, and in truly fascinating fashion, Alma was able to undo it, to go back and say exactly what she should have said, just like she did when she kept waking up in the hospital. Jacob trying to get her to go back before the wedding seemed like a bad idea, though his encouragement makes more sense when his worldview came into his focus, which is that it won’t matter if she misses the wedding since she’ll come back and he’ll be there as if he’s never not been there. Telling her to enjoy and it will be his own burden to figure it out after she gave Becca an effective heart-to-heart seemed to indicate that things would settle down for a bit, though that’s not likely given that the next episode is the season finale. Realizing that she’s always been doing the dance was a mesmerizing way to transition into her final big leap into the mirror to face her own past and figure out a way to change the present. I don’t want to do any research into if this show has been renewed for a second season yet since I don’t want to risk spoiling anything that happens in what I’m sure will be an intense and invigorating finale.

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