Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What I’m Watching: Undone

Undone: Season 1, Episode 5 “Alone in This (You Have Me)” (B+)

It’s always gratifying when an episode picks up exactly where the one before it left off, with Alma slicing her finger and her father expressing excitement that she was able to change how things happened. It’s truly disorienting to experience time and space as Alma is currently doing, with Sam’s head showing up in the middle of wherever she was with her father to interrupt their conversation so that she could get back to reality. His response to her confronting him about not telling her that she broke up with him was hardly worthy of commendation, since he was essentially blaming her for not being strong enough to deal with news about a decision that she herself had made. He also implicated her sister in the deception, which reinforces the notion that he must be the living person she can trust most since her sister probably should have told her what she knew had happened. Alma got to explore a lot of her father’s life and some of her early moments in this episode, and the early stages of her implant are particularly compelling to watch, and to hear since they mirror Alma’s experience interacting with the world, initially in a soundless manner and then gradually understanding what sounds mean. Confiding in Sam about what she’s been doing with her dead father was likely a mistake, especially considering his previous communication with Tunde behind her back. Jacob knew it was a bad idea, and hopefully being perceived as crazy won’t cut off her bond with him.

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