Wednesday, October 23, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Affair

The Affair: Season 5, Episode 9 (B)

On the plane, Whitney accused Audrey of using her father to represent everything that men have done wrong to women, and it’s interesting that this show is doing the opposite, using Noah to show what men are capable of and how even he (and Helen) can’t recognize what he’s done and how he operates in the world. The story couldn’t have possibly come out any worse for Noah, who, as usual, responded with nothing but anger and denial, unable to acknowledge his own role in hurting other people, even if he believes he’s become better since that time. Whitney confronting Andrea on the plane was an intense and direct move, one which showed how well Whitney can mirror her father’s demeaning tone in how she talks to people, before Audrey turned it all on her and opened her mind to the possibility that her father might in fact be completely guilty as charged. Helen seemed more furious at Sasha than anything, and that’s understandable given how he helped the dots get connected in a completely self-serving way to discredit Noah and earn sole writing accolades for a story that was never his in the first place. Helen should be able to see Sasha for how similar to Noah he is in some respects and to appreciate that at least Noah doesn’t believe that he’s entitled to everything the way that Sasha does. With just two episodes left, it still looks like no one will get a happy ending, and I’m curious if we’ll see the fates of anyone besides Joanie and Luisa.

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