Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Take Three: Batwoman

Batwoman: Season 1, Episode 3 “Down, Down, Down” (B-)

This show is managing to hold my interest slightly while not showing too many signs of substantial improvement. What’s most worthwhile is discovering which characters know what information, since only Kate seems to have the full grasp of everything while anyone else in her orbit is missing key pieces. Alice, who showed up to save her from a man that knew Bruce Wayne was Batman, knows that she’s Batwoman, but not Batman’s secret identity. Sophie really should know that Batwoman is Kate, a suspicion she voiced early on, and her never mentioning Kate before her husband had the chance to meet her has now made it clear to him that there was something worth hiding about that relationship. And Jacob truly knows nothing, with even his wife keeping secrets from him. I do like that Alice and Kate have formed this tentative relationship, one that finds them both constantly breaking promises they’ve made to each other and operating separate from the law in Gotham. Debuting Batwoman with the red wig was an important moment, one that will redefine what Gotham needs, and Kate seems up to the challenge, provided that the two women she cares most about in her life – her ex and her sister – doesn’t screw it all up for her. She should lean more on Mary, who has more than a few tricks up her sleeve that her new bodyguard doesn’t have the first clue exist. Let’s hope that if her assignment becomes permanent, she’s open to working outside of the lines too.

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