Saturday, October 26, 2019

Round Two: Living with Yourself

Living with Yourself: Season 1, Episode 2 “Made in a Strip Mall” (B)

It was cool that this episode started with following the new Miles and his experience waking up in the clinic after the procedure and going home with a simple warning that he shouldn’t look the first time he uses the toilet. Barging into the meeting with lots of energy and inspiration took all of his colleagues by surprise, including Dan, who you’d think would have known that this would happen given how the procedure did exactly the same thing for him. Kate seemed shocked that he wanted to cook such a fancy dinner, and being a brand new him isn’t going to just undo all the problems that they’ve had in the past. Encountering his former self at just that moment caught us up to where we were in the first episode, with them heading straight to the clinic to find out just what had happened. The doctor slipping when he was protesting the additional money they wanted as blackmail for not reporting them to the FDA revealed the kind of expectations that people have when they seek a miracle cure like this, putting on his fake accent so that clients wouldn’t think of him as a person. It was never going to be easy for one of the Miles to just leave and head to another country, and getting a call from Kate was enough to prove that solution wouldn’t be permanent. The exposition is slow on this show that’s clearly meant to be binge-watched, and so we’ll see how long I last since I’m not going to be digesting it in that format.

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