Friday, October 18, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 6, Episode 2 “A Flash of the Lightning” (B+)

Framing Barry going into the future to see this crisis for himself as akin to getting a second opinion from a doctor is quite the interesting approach, and I don’t think he considered the side effects. After he got injured on his first attempt, it didn’t take much effort to head over to Earth-3 and get an assist from Jay Garrick, who happened to be married to a woman that looked just like Barry’s mother, something she definitely didn’t know when she first met him or Iris. What he experienced does not look good, and though I imagine it’s unlikely that he’ll really die, that’s how it’s looking at the moment. Things weren’t going too well for our friends back home as Ralph got a pretty intense sunburn on his face courtesy of an undead meta who chose the Central City Police Department, a frequently-besieged location, as the target for her assault. Cecile deciding that she wants to become a defense attorney for metas is a productive development, one that’s going to allow her to interact and overlap with the cases that Team Flash investigates. Killer Frost taking over control of Caitlin’s life isn’t going all too smoothly, but at least it was just hurt feelings and some guilty art purchases rather than something truly destructive. Dr. Rosso’s abilities are evolving, as are his experiments, and Team Flash doesn’t have any idea of what they’re truly going to be up against once he can’t contain what he’s working on or his own instincts.

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