Monday, October 14, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Good Place

The Good Place: Season 4, Episode 3 “Chillaxing” (B+)

I’ve never doubted this show before, and even though it seems like our friends aren’t anywhere near the goal of reforming all of their charges, it’s sure to work itself out in its own unique way by the end of the season (and series). The realization that Chidi wasn’t delivering because he wasn’t being tortured and therefore felt no guilt to be a better person was helpful, and I love that Jason was able to contribute in exactly the way he could: by being himself. Michael attempting to turn his eagerness to open a peanut butter jar into a metaphor had me cracking up, getting me closer to my season one affinity for Jason as my favorite character. The exploding motorcycle and the extremely helpful ants were humorous subplots related to the Chidi antics. I like that Tahani is taking on a more prominent role as she tries to get John to realize that there’s more to life – and the afterlife – than just being vain and obsessed with fancy things, and she now seems to think that she’s finally getting somewhere with him after some lackluster initial efforts. Janet dying her hair because it’s one of the ways that she read people cope with breakups is an entertaining development, and it’s good to see every member of this team contributing. Eleanor has become a much better person, but she’s still skilled at making her ex-boyfriends’ lives miserable. That grim reaper on the train doesn’t feel like a good sign, and I can only hope that it’s another illegal visitor from the Bad Place.

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