Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Round Two: Batwoman

Batwoman: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Rabbit Hole” (B-)

I’m trying hard to like this show, not only because I wish I still watched “Arrow” whenever there are multi-show crossovers, but also because I think it has potential. It’s intriguing to me just how dark and gloomy this series is, similar to “Gotham,” representing a grimmer imagining of the universe in which Batman exists. What’s not working so well for me here is how insular the world is, with Kate sure that Alice is actually Beth, and wasting precious little time in sharing that suspicion with just about everyone in her immediate network. It seems like she probably should have done a bit more work trying to prove her theory before telling her father, who definitely likes to shoot first and ask questions later. Sophie isn’t quite the ally she might have initially seemed, sharing where Alice was with Jacob when Kate explicitly didn’t want her to, and I imagine it will take a while for Sophie and Kate to eventually rekindle their romance. Sophie also immediately suspected that Kate was the one wearing the Batwoman suit, and Alice deduced it right away too. “Waffles” was hardly the ultra-secretive code that couldn’t be cracked that Kate thought it was, and surely didn’t represent the confirmation that Kate needed that Alice was indeed her long-lost and presumed-dead sister. I’m still waiting to see what this show can really offer beyond just this insular family drama and whether it will be worth watching all on its own on a weekly basis.

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