Saturday, October 19, 2019

Take Three: Almost Family

Almost Family: Season 1, Episode 3 “Notorious AF” (C)

As this show continues, its three main characters seem to become more firmly rooted in the chaos of their respective lives. Julia was the one who really took a hit in this hour as she became the subject of a hugely popular meme that mocked her for sleeping with her brother, and she didn’t respond in the most proactive way, causing further embarrassment for herself and taking on the role of social pariah. Isaac’s idea to have her and her brother boyfriend record a video to own what happened and reframe it was brilliant, but of course we know it actually came from her father, whose influence in all three daughters’ lives has become problematic. Edie was not happy to learn that Leon was responsible for funding her education when she thought she had earned a merit scholarship, and that’s going to make defending him even more difficult, not that it’s been easy since she can’t stop making out with opposing counsel. Roxy is proving to be someone who sees something she wants and then goes for it, without much attention paid to what others need or expect from her. In the case of pursuing Isaac by tracking him down on his daily run, there isn’t much risk for adverse consequences, but messing up a contracted gig so that she could mentor the nanny’s daughter is going to have disastrous effects given what her parents have decided to do in response. Diane obviously loves her other child more than Roxy, and I doubt she and Ron will care much how their testimony affects the daughter who no longer wants anything to do with them.

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