Tuesday, September 27, 2022

What I’m Watching: Atlanta (Season Premiere)

Atlanta: Season 4, Episode 1 “The Most Atlanta” (B+)

This final season premiere was already a more comforting return than the previous one since it actually featured the show’s main characters. It does have a surreal quality to it, with Darius alone being pursued by the wheelchair-bound store employee when he was trying to return the air fryer during a looting spree and Earn and Van getting stuck in the shopping mall parking garage for an eternity after running into all of the exes they both had trapped there too. Darius always seems to be existing on his own plane, and for once, he was the one acting completely normally, telling the woman who had it in for him that she’s been watching too much Fox News and that he wasn’t involved with antifa or anything. Paper Boi was stuck in traffic and not having any of it, and he managed to find a funeral situation that wasn’t as weird as the event Van went to in season three which was actually quite cathartic and comfortable. It was strange to see Earn and Van suddenly burst out of the closet and interrupt their intimate moment, with Kenya in tow having followed them to make the same escape. Darius giving her the air fryer so that she could bring it to her father as a gift was a clever way for him to get rid of it, but the sound of the wheelchair was still there, suggesting she had just broken free of one hell to be trapped in another. This show can be quite haunting sometimes.

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