Sunday, September 25, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Patient

The Patient: Season 1, Episode 4 “Company” (B)

It probably wasn’t a great idea to have Sam go in to work with a new captive in another room and him feeling very much on edge. The fact that he forgot to bring donuts was yet another trigger that could easily have set him off, and at least calling Alan for a phone session helped to prevent too much bloodshed. I’m curious about that letter and its significance, but I suspect that most of Sam’s coworkers don’t actually respect him and feel like he takes his job far too seriously. It’s no surprise that Alan’s new friend in captivity is panicked, and he and Alan did start to connect about their families and the people that might be looking for them. We’ve seen flashbacks so far of the fractured relationship Alan has with his children and a brief present-day interaction with Ezra, but it’s really not clear how much they would be checking in on him and immediately aware of his absence. Candace’s complicity with her son’s actions suggest that any attempts to show up to the house and interrogate the food inspector will end with someone else dying or joining the growing list of people being held there against their will. The brief clues we got to who Sam is in this episode were enlightening and unexpected, with his admiration for No Shoes Nation, revealing himself to be a devotee of Kenny Chesney, one thing he respects more than most and which could be a way in for Alan to be able to get through to him.

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