Friday, September 9, 2022

Emmy Winner Predictions: Best Comedy Series

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order. Submitted episode titles are in parentheses. Beware of minor spoilers for listed episodes.

Abbott Elementary
Pilot,” “Light Bulb,” “Work Family,” “Step Class,” “Open House,” “Zoo Balloon
Season one of the breakout hit starring and created by Quinta Brunson scored seven Emmy nominations, which isn’t a huge haul, but it’s more notable for its revitalization of the broadcast network sitcom. Attending the Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards a few weeks ago, I saw the enthusiasm for the show in the room and how it won so many prizes, and while I don’t think it’s a slam dunk, I do feel comfortable predicting this show to win this prize in the same way that “Arrested Development” did years ago.

forgiving jeff,” “limonada,” “all the sauces,” “710N,” “candy asses,” “starting now
This show is back after far too long off the air. Its fourteen-nomination count is comfortably between its season one and two totals, and though it hasn’t been eligible for the past two Emmy seasons, it came back in a solid way. Better yet, it demonstrated an incredible quality that gives it an unexpected advantage to potentially win this prize for the first time so far into its run. I do think that this show isn’t as buzzy as other new fare, but it may just be able to win, which would be quite exciting and well-deserved.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Five-Foot Fence,” “The Watermelon,” “IRASSHAIMASE!,” “What Have I Done?,” “Igor, Gregor, and Timor,” “The Mormon Advantage
I’m frustrated that this show is here since it feels like merely a tag-on, nominated for just four prizes total over fare that deserved to be here more like “The Great.” I’m also still bitter that this season wasn’t set during the pandemic, since I very much wanted to see that. Despite its insanely erratic airing schedule, this show has managed to get nominated for every season since its second. It had some strong points but ultimately wasn’t all that superb in season eleven, and I think it’s in dead last for a potential win.

There Will Be Blood,” “Quid Pro Quo,” “The Captain’s Wife,” “Retired,” “The Click,” “The One, The Only
This is the second consecutive nomination for a show that I believe likely came in second for this prize last year and may have a shot at taking it home this time around. It added two bids to its nomination total this year, tying for the third-most nominated show overall, which is pretty great (four guest actress mentions is also quite impressive). Season two was fantastic, and this show only has upwards to go as it continues. I’m not sure it has as wide an audience as its main competition, but its creative team and cast are delightful, and wins for writing and directing last year suggest it has the right kind of fans.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Everything Is Bellmore,” “Interesting People on Christopher Street,” “How to Chew Quietly and Influence People,” “Maisel vs. Lennon: The Cut Contest,” “Ethan…Esther…Chaim,” “How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?
This show took a big cut in terms of total nominations, dropping down from its season two and three hauls of twenty to a series low of twelve. While it’s lost considerable buzz since premiering strongly and winning this prize for season one, I think it’s still as good as ever. It opted not to submit the first two of its eight episodes for consideration, but while it has a shot at winning for its upcoming final season if it’s well-enough received, it really doesn’t have any shot at triumphing this time.

Only Murders in the Building
True Crime,” “How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors,” “The Boy from 6B,” “Fan Fiction,” “Double Time,” “Open and Shut
This freshman series got off to a great start tied as the third-most-nominated series with seventeen bids, covering a range of categories. It’s definitely a popular and well-reviewed show, one that has already finished airing its second season and been renewed for a third. It definitely has multiple pathways to winning, especially considering the appeal of its three stars, who all surely have different fanbases. I’m not predicting it to win but I do think it’s definitely a possibility.

Ted Lasso
Goodbye Earl,” “Do the Right-est Thing,” “Rainbow,” “Man City,” “No Weddings and a Funeral,” “Inverting the Pyramid of Success
This show is sitting pretty, jumping up from its thirteen nominations last year to twenty this time, tying it for the second-most-nominated series overall this year. While season two wasn’t received with entirely uniform praise, it’s still among the most beloved and appreciated shows, which makes it a good bet to repeat in this category. Its submitted episodes don’t matter much because it does seem like the most watched comedy, and while I’m betting that it’s not going to win again this year, it very likely could.

What We Do in the Shadows
The Prisoner,” “The Casino,” “The Escape,” “The Wellness Center,” “A Farewell,” “The Portrait
This show was by no means a sure thing for a repeat nomination after first being nominated two years ago for its most recent season. It jumped from two nominations in season one to eight for season two and now back to seven for season three. While its writing bids are promising and a sign that it’s well-liked – with quite a cult following – but its continued lack of any nominations for its cast members suggests that it doesn’t have the oomph it needs to go the distance. Its fourth season airing during the voting period probably helps, but not enough.

Who should win (based on entire season): “Barry,” “Hacks,” or “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
Who should win (based on individual episodes): “Barry,” “Hacks,” or “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
Who will win: While “Ted Lasso” is the easy choice and “Only Murders in the Building” and “Hacks” are certainly potential spoilers, I think that Abbott Elementary will claim this prize.

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