Monday, August 29, 2022

Emmy Catch-Up: Abbott Elementary

Abbott Elementary: Season 1, Episode 9 “Step Class” (B+)

I liked that everyone had a different choice about which day of the week was sexiest, and of course Janine got booed for choosing Mondays since it’s when she got to come to work to see everyone. Teaming up with Ava for step didn’t seem like a smart plan, and she set her expectations high despite repeated warnings from all of her colleagues to prepare for disappointment. She did hijack everything and nearly cut Janine out of the entire process, only to bail during the actual event. Janine followed her outside, ready for the worst, but she ended up seeing a much more sophisticated side of Ava than she or anyone else has before, which was nice. Ending the episode with the two of them doing routines facing each other was great, and it’s good to see Janine at least partially respected for something by her usually terrible supervisor who eagerly admitted that she hated school. The debate over which pizza was best produced the first line on this show which made me burst out laughing for a few minutes straight. Gregory’s response that he liked his pizza crunchy and wet was absolutely absurd and hilarious, and leave it to Jacob to go to the place he didn’t think actually existed all the way in Baltimore to get him what he thought he would like. That Gregory was happy to go for pizza with Janine shows that he’s all for doing anything with her, no matter how much he doesn’t otherwise like it.

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