Tuesday, August 16, 2022

What I’m Watching: Trying

Trying: Season 3, Episode 5 “Pick a Side” (B+)

There are a number of unresolved issues at play here, and it’s also always impressive how this show manages to bring things back from seemingly out of nowhere and make them relevant again. Nikki was absolutely crushed when Princess asked her to sit at a faraway table at another restaurant, and her only source of comfort was the fact that another woman was kind to her and helped her feel better about the situation. She did manage to bond with Princess when she made fun of the security guard who was ready to get Princess in trouble for what she took, but then she found that photo of that same woman with Princess and Tyler. While I think that might make her scared that she’ll lose them, I also think that she’s incredibly empathetic, and will seek out a way to find a solution for everyone that gives someone else the sense of completeness she feels having them in her life. That will at least give her something to do to put off Jen continuing to think that she’s good enough at her job to merit a promotion and having the eventual family newsletter-banning development of getting fired from that dream job. Jason nearly caused more damage by bringing Tyler to a bar but ended up taking care of his head bump and sports allegiance in a perfect way, even getting Tyler to call him dad. Karen turning to Scott for support after earlier telling him he needed to wait in the hall was sweet, and it’s fun to see Freddy turn into a nice guy as he realizes that the kind of people who might show up to a group called Assholes Anonymous really aren’t all that capable of change.

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